Cast Stone Surrounds and Trim

Cast Stone Surrounds and TrimOur cast stone surrounds and trim are a great choice when you need elegant appeal with structural integrity.

Cast stone can easily be made into detailed profiles and shapes with different colors and textures, but it still takes expert craftsmanship to make precise cast stone surrounds and trim that fit the first time. Our architectural precast concrete products can be used for elaborate projects, or for styling the interior or exterior of your home.

Our stone products are made with excellent craftsmanship and versatility to complement your ideas for either residential or commercial applications. We craft our cast stone surrounds and trim to enhance character and personality to the architectural area of your choice.

Our cast stone surrounds and trim can enhance your fireplace mantels, fireplace surrounds, kitchen hoods, entryways, windows, doors, balustrades and column systems.  Once installed, these often become the focal point of the entire architectural structure of your home or commercial place of business.

Making Your Entryways More Welcoming

The cast stone surrounds and trim added to the entryways often become the subtle highlights of your property. Architectural stone can be added to the entrance, balconies and area around the pools. The cast stone surrounds and trim can also be used at the doors and windows. Our tailor made products are made with accurate specifications to reduce the construction time and to simplify the process. We design exact pieces that you need according to your project need.

Making The Fireplaces Even Warmer

Fireplaces are naturally the main focus area in every home. Be it cold or not, fireplaces are always the center for all family activities and cozy times.  Our cast stone surrounds and trim make it a warmer place to get together. Our designs and styles will add ageless appeal into your home whether you plan to use them for your fireplace, windows, kitchen hoods or doors.

We manufacture a wide range of architectural precast concrete, cast stone surrounds and trim to suit your home design. We are also known for our great customer service that goes beyond the sale.  Our goal is to deliver more than you expect, every time.  Nothing pleases us more than seeing your project finished in the way you envisioned it, and within the budget you planned.

We would be honored to become your cast stone product supplier.  Please give us a call to tell us about your project today.

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by Johnny Caststone