Roman Pillars

Roman ColumnsRoman Columns are a vital part of architectural history, and we impeccably retain it in our cast stone roman columns.

Originating from ancient Roman and Greek structures, roman columns and stone pillars are an integral element of today’s modern architecture.  They stand tall and grand at entrances, landscapes and inside residential and commercial structures.  Also known as cast stone pillars, they are generally used to hold up the entablature of pavilion, portico, or facades.

Our wide range of columns is available in different heights and diameters to suit your architectural requirements.  We can also design the cast stone Roman columns in single or multiple segments of desired length, diameter and profile. Depending on your personal preference and architectural needs, we can deliver cast stone pillars, stone columns, pilasters or half columns with round or flat profiles.

Roman columns and cast stone pilasters can also be finished into fluted, smooth, tapered or entasis designs. To add more aesthetics to your residential or commercial project, you may also choose to have various capital designs such as – Tuscan, Cuscino, Modificato, Romanesque, decorato, Corinthian or Temple of wind.  If you’re not sure what you need, please don’t hesitate to call us.  We will gladly advise you and can even look at your blueprints to create multiple estimates.

Custom Made Roman Columns

We can design stone pillars for you in straight, tapered or cross sectional options.  All our cast stone products are specifically crafted to bestow architectural ornamentation and functional support, adding unparalleled character to your property.  As a decorative element, we stock a wide range of roman columns in various colors and textures to offer you the right amount of dramatic contrast and magnificence. The columns can also be designed to have various styles of capitals or shafts to give body and signature to the pilasters.

If your home or business place is artistically designed, you can dome the Roman columns with Romanesque Decorato capital to add timeless aesthetical charm.  And if you are looking for a modern yet stylish ambience, Tuscan style of capital will offer perpetual elegance.

Our cast stone pillars and Roman columns are ideal to be used in any type of residential or commercial projects including museums, auditoriums, universities, churches, pergolas and follies.  Just give us a call and we’ll help you choose the appropriate style and specifications for your timeline and budget.

We incorporate prompt customer service and material integrity to make your experience a good one.  NASC serves contractors, builders, and individual homeowners with all their cast stone needs.

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by Johnny Caststone