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NASC offers a wide variety of cast stone products.  This includes coping stone, precast concrete wall caps, roman columns, cast stone fireplace surrounds, and more.  We also design and produce custom built stone products that are unique and specific to your individual project.

We have an extensive catalog that is slowly making its way to our website.  Our goal is to showcase the numerous applications of stone products used today, and to empower our customers to submit their plans for estimates.

Here is a brief list of the stone products offered at NASC.  Please keep in mind that different geographical regions of the country use different nomenclature to refer to the same cast stone item.  If you don’t see something listed on our website, you can be assured that we offer it.  Don’t hesitate to call, and we’ll confirm the stone products best suited for your application.  Here is a brief list of the stone products you can find through NASC.

Coping Stone:  Coping is a term loosely applied to a variety of applications where a stone product is used to form a round edge.  Common uses include stone pool coping, which provides an elegant and curved edge to a swimming pool.  Additional uses of the term, particularly in the North, may include coverings on ledges and even on piers. 

Roman Columns and Stone Pillars:  This is another popular stone product that we produce for our customers.  Applications include residential and commercial projects, from entryways to large halls and pool areas.  Roman columns, also known as stone pillars, will provide an impressive display of craftsmanship to set your project apart.

Stacked Stone Veneer:  We offer Shiloh Ridge stacked stone veneer in many varieties and colors.  We can customize a perfect match for your property, and our proprietary process means we can also deliver it fast.  Common applications include exterior commercial projects, as well as beautiful residences.  Our stacked stone veneer can be crafted to match any geographic look and feel, so call us to discuss your plans today.

Precast Concrete Wall Caps:  Do you need custom precast wall caps?  We’ve got you covered.  Wall caps are used in many applications, including stone fences and wall barriers, grand stairway entrances, municipal planters and water features, and more.  You can rely upon NASC to supply small quantities for your residential job, or if you require high volume, we can become your trusted partner to deliver on-site, and on-time.

Please browse our galleries to view some of our cast stone product examples.

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Architectural Cast Stone

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