Architectural Cast Stone

NASC has provided builders, contractors, and individual homeowners with architectural cast stone since 1997. Based in North Dallas, our customers span the entire US, and also the Globe. Nothing sets apart a residence, commercial building or public property like custom cast stone. It carries an identity of stability, confidence, elegance, and durability like no other building material. There are several applications for architectural precast concrete. Below are some common product groups of custom cast stone, with links to image galleries so you can learn more about each one. The first group includes balustrade systems, roman columns, and precast concrete pier caps.

Cast Stone Balustrade Systems

roman columns

Precast Concrete Wall Caps

Custom Cast Stone:

NASC manufactures architectural cast stone, and ships it around the world according to our customers needs. Custom cast stone is one of the few products that is crafted off-site, yet needs to accommodate exact on-site specifications. We see our relationship as a partnership to our customer’s success. We treat your project like our own through the craftmanship of our products and the integrity of our communication. Below are some additional custom cast stone entry arches, quoin corners, precast concrete window sills with images that lead to additional galleries.

cast stone arch entry systems

Cast Stone Quoin Corners

Precast concrete window sills

Architectural Precast Concrete:

Three additional custom cast stone categories include string course, precast surrounds and trim, and concrete watertables. These images lead to picture galleries where you can browse examples for use in your projects. You can call NASC anytime for advice on your project, and we’ll gladly estimate your project costs.

String Course Banding

Cast Stone Surrounds and Precast Concrete Trim

Stone Watertables

These are some of the many architectural cast stone examples that are typically used, but they aren’t exhaustive either. If you have a question or need some clarification about which stone product is best suited for your job, please don’t hesitate to call. We are always available to help you bid your project, and we can also make recommendations on installation depending upon the stone products you are considering for your project.

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