Cast Stone Fireplaces

Cast stone fireplace mantels and surrounds create an elegant look, and leave a lasting impression. Since 1997, NASC has worked with builders, contractors, and individual homeowners to design the perfect architectural fireplaces for their aesthetic needs.  We can work within different budgets, and scale our production schedules to meet your timeline demands.  Stone fireplace mantels are the perfect focal point in the room, and their durable construction provides lasting value for generations of enjoyment.

Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds:

Whatever your project demands, cast stone fireplace mantels can be designed to compliment and accentuate the theme of your choice. Many people may associate stone fireplace mantels with a more classic look and feel, and this would be accurate in some respects. But did you realize that modern buildings and homes also incorporate cast stone fireplaces into their drawings? The truth is that architectural fireplaces excel in a variety of settings. We can work within your vision to design the perfect cast stone fireplace for your residential or commercial building project.

Please Browse Our Stone Fireplace Mantels Below:

You will find three main groupings of our cast stone fireplaces below; Classic, French, and Modern. Please keep in mind that anything is possible when it comes to our cast stone capabilities.  Our process includes some special molding applications that allow us to customize and tailor our work.  We often design new architectural fireplaces according to specific client requests and needs.  Please click these images below to find related image galleries that illustrate our custom stone fireplace capabilities.

Custom stone fireplace mantels

Classic Fireplace  Collection

Architectural Fireplaces

French Fireplace Collection

modern cast stone fireplace mantels

Modern Fireplace Collection












Architectural Fireplaces:

NASC hopes to become your supplier for life when it comes to custom stone architectural fireplaces.  We can supply mantels and/or surrounds for your brand new project, or retro fit any space that you have in mind to upgrade your room’s entire presence.  We have offered several fireplace lines for years, and are constantly bringing on new designs created by our team of quality drafts people.

Unsure of what you need?

No problem! We delight in consulting with our customers to determine the best cast stone fireplace for your needs.  You can also email us your blueprints, and we’ll look them over to determine the best size specifications.  Our goal is your complete satisfaction, and we serve customer’s who purchase one custom stone fireplace and volume builders who order hundreds.  Let’s talk about your project today!